Small Business ADR Safety advisor



Even if you, as a small company, transport dangerous goods by road on behalf of others, you must have an ADR Safety Adviser for small companies yourself. We can offer you the services as a safety advisor for the advantageous rate of € 395* per year (including digital annual report). With the Small business package, the tasks of the consultant are fulfilled and you also comply with laws and regulations. Of course, if you also follow the rules yourself.

Conditions: Your company drives 1-4 cars of hazardous substances (ADR). If you have one car and your only activity is transport with this car, then you are a “self-employed driver”. Then click here. If your company has one car (or up to 4 cars) and you also have other main activities, then you fall under this product (ADR Safety Advisor for small companies) and you can register for this.

Our approach? Every year you will receive an audit inventory form from us. You fill this in completely and together with the requested attachments you send everything to us online. We will then assess this as fully as possible. For example, we look at all relevant aspects of the ADR; such as the ADR certificate, your insurance, etc. We then prepare the ADR annual report, containing the advice, insofar as necessary. we’ll include that too. We will also inform you about all changes to the ADR, if the rules of road transport have changed in that year. This service meets the requirements.

Immediately at the start of the agreement, an inventory report is drawn up, which can also serve as an ADR annual report if ADR has already been driven in the past year.